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The Wear@Wesley House Community Services is a gently used clothing store that is located in Metro Louisville's Lynnview, Preston Highway neighborhood. It provides essential funding to Wesley House Community Services childcare and youth services program. The Wear offers area residents a source for good-quality clothing at reasonable prices, helping them move toward self-sufficiency and success in the workplace.

A new component of "The Wear" is it's designer wear section called "Bick's Boutique." The designer section of our clothing store is named, and dedicated to the memory of Ms. Bick Hile. She was the regional manager of TJMaxx. Bick was enthusiastic about the work of Wesley House, spearheaded funding, donations, and committee representation to The Wear Advisory Committee. Bick’s Boutique includes clothes that are donated by Louisville’s Leading Ladies and Gentlemen. Other items sold in the store include clothing for the whole family. Small household furnishings and items are also sold.

Individuals are encouraged to donate by taking your gently used clothing or small household goods to The Wear which is located at 5114 Preston Hwy. Our volunteers are happy to have you. You will be given a receipt for your tax-deductible donation. If you have a question about what items we can accept, just call us at 502-968-8231.

You can also support Wesley Wear House by becoming a volunteer. The Wear operates throughout the year, allowing all proceeds to benefit Wesley House's Childcare and Youth Services program. In fact, since its founding in 1980, the Wear has operated with a strong core of volunteers from the community. Volunteers greet customers, operate the cash register, clean and mend clothing six days a week. Call today to find out how you can join this dedicated core of volunteers.